Juliana Eiko Uyeno

Is graduated in Nutrition from Santa Catarina’s Federal University, she’s a Specialist in Health, Nutrition and Child Nutrition from Paulista School of Medicine/ São Paulo’s Federal University and she’s a Post graduate in Nutrition Functional Clinical Nutrition by VP Consulting and Post graduate in Herbal Medicine by Iucap. She’s a member of the Brazilian Society of Functional Nutrition and participates actively of congresses and extension courses. Her current work focus is in private practice in her office and home care in the city of São Paulo. As a Clinical Functional Nutritionist, that is, specialist in creating personalized diets according to each patient’s biochemical individuality, Dr. Juliana has an approach that goes way beyond weight-loss and calorie counting. The main goal is to reestablish the organisms’ equilibrium as a whole, which comprehends emotional, hormonal, metabolic, gastrointestinal and energetic balance.

Mini CV: http://www.clinicaspac.com.br/dra-juliana-uyeno.html


Meet the Clinic SPAC


Dr. Juliana Uyeno is part of the clinical staff of SPAC, a health clinic with multiple specialties that aims at meeting the whole family’s needs in one place, with a highly qualified and selected staff. The clinic’s mission is to offer first-rate service in the health area, provided with comfortable facilities, easy access from any part of São Paulo and with an appropriate parking garage. SPAC is an outpatient clinic equipped to care for children, adolescents and adults. The team speaks many languages and works at the best hospitals in São Paulo. 

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A Physioterapia é uma clínica multiprofissional situada em Higienópolis há 9 anos, com o conceito de cuidar e equilibrar os clientes, sendo referência em tratamentos de fisioterapia, estética e síndromes metabólicas. Tratamentos personalizados, horários flexíveis aos seus e contato direto com seu tratador. Os cuidados são integrados entre os profissionais da Nutrição, Fisioterapia, Psicologia e Educação Física.

Site: http://www.physioterapia.com.br

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