First Step: Pre-Appointment Questionnaire

Minutes before the appointment, at the waiting room, the patient answers a Metabolic Screening Questionnaire. Did you know that migraines, indisposition, acne and hair loss can be associated with bad eating habits? With this tool, it’s possible to quantify the symptoms, make a directed diet plan and monitor the patient’s evolution in the following appointments with its reapplication.

Second Step: Appointment

  • Establishing goals and objectives
  • Food assessment: Patients are submitted to a detailed food anamnesis in order for their habits to be known, such as meal times, places where meals are eaten, as well as food preferences and aversions.
  • Clinical Evaluation: A questionnaire will be applied to assess the patient and his family’s medical history, as well as the use of medication and laboratory tests.
  • Anthropometric Evaluation: Verification of body weight and height, body mass index, measurement of the main circumferences, skinfold thickness and bioimpedance to verify energy expenditure and percentages of body fat, muscle mass and body water.
  • Dietary Re-education: Process which occurs during the entire monitoring and consists of three steps: gradually abandoning undesirable eating habits, maintaining a healthy conduct and slowly incorporating new eating behaviors. 

Third Step: Diet Plan

After one week, in agreement with the patient, it will be delivered an individually prepared diet plan, organized with meal times according to objectives, age, preferences, physiological and economic conditions. Every diet plan is individualized, varied and flexible.

Fourth Step: Follow-up visit

In the monthly follow-up visits, the adherence to the diet plan will be assessed, as well as the necessity of changes and adjustments. Supplementation will also be reevaluated in case it’s necessary.

Monitoring: It consists of a brief meeting to measure body weight and solve doubts. It’s done weekly or fortnightly with the purpose of being closer to the patient. Its need and viability are evaluated in the first appointment and have no additional cost.

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