Joaquin Whelan

35 anos – Executivo automotivo Americano residente no Brasil

“The care and advice provided by Dra. Juliana has helped me tremendously. I arrived in Brazil pretty unhealthy and overweight after too much American food. Dra. Juliana took the time to teach me and develop a healthy eating plan (not a diet) where I am still able to enjoy the great food in Brazil, but make smarter choices. Her philosophy is similar to other healthy eating advice I have read about, such as avoiding processed and refined grains and starches and focusing on better balance and pH levels. The personalized plan including vitamins and recipes, excellent follow up and responsiveness to my questions along the way are very much appreciated. After a short time I lost weight, but more importantly, I feel much better and younger. Little nagging health issues have gone away and my overall well-being is much improved.“

É sua vez de se alimentar corretamente e com saúde!